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Eversewn Sparrow 20 Sewing Machine Review

For the ambitious and passionate sewer, the eversewn sparrow 20 sewing machine is a classical computerized model that has a solution of all your sewing problems. This best heavy duty sewing machine for home use is easy to use and the user doesn’t have to feel frustrated while setting it up. Here is the complete detail of this sewing model.

Built-in Stitches:

Eversewn Sparrow 20 Sewing Machine

The eversewn sparrow 20 has come up with the package of 80 stitches, all of them are based on the modern day pattern. The maximum width of the stitch is 7mm and has 15 needle positions. The stitching pattern is absolutely amazing and you will love to experiment with the designing. You can prominent any area of the garment with the help of these stitches.

Start/Stop Button:

So many people who use normal sewing machines have to foot pedal in order to maintain stitching speed and to start and stop the sewing machine. In the beginning, it must be hard for a sewer to control foot pedal and fabric at the same time. This model has come up with the start-stop button and you don’t have to use foot pedal all the time.

Presser Feet:

This easy to use sewing machine for beginners has 7 different presser feet to provide freedom to the user regarding work. For every different project, you can use different feed that can reach difficult parts of the garment. 7 feet include sliding buttonhole foot, zipper foot, zigzag foot, overlock foot, appliqué foot, blind hem foot, and button sewing foot. This will simplify your sewing and you don’t have to go through the complications.

Upper Thread Tension Control:

Every project has different demand and you have to adjust the settings of the sewing machine accordingly. No matter if it’s about stitching pattern or upper thread tension control, both things need to be set up as per the demand of sewing. Upper thread tension control can make or break the stitches; it’s quite easy to adjust the thread tension control in this model.


The eversewn sparrow 20 is affordable in prices and is reliable in terms of performance. Usually, sewers at the beginning of their career don’t want to invest a big sum of money in sewing machines. This model is affordable in price and suitable for basic and intermediate projects. This little sewing machine creates the best stitches and the quality of the material is premium.

The eversewn sparrow 20 is affordable in prices and is reliable in terms of performance


The accessories of the sewing machine include right seam guide, user manual, spool felt, spool pin, needle set, large spool cap, small spool cap, bobbins, L-shaped screwdriver, brush, seam ripper, thread cutter, darning plate, electronic foot control dust cover, bobbin winder, presser feet and threader. All these accessories are important when you are about to set the sewing machine up.


These best heavy duty sewing machine reviews are based on the customer’s satisfaction and feedback. From the easy settings to the working mechanism, everything is up to the point and you will fall in love with this sewing machine. The sturdy and solid appearance of the sewing machine is impressive for everyone.